Assignment 5 Task 3

Pre-Production Documents

Mind Map



Purpose of Project

I propose creating a website highlighting Brighton as a Digital Hub in particular focussing on the aspect of education in digital media. The site will provide a simple source where visitors can find about the education providers who offer courses in the digital media sector, as well as explaining why Brighton is a prime location for these providers.


The site will consist of a 4 pages; Home page, Hub Page, Resource Page and a Contact Page.

The homepage will be a simple page giving a brief outline of the intentions of the website.

The hub page will provide profiles for some of the education providers in Brighton, outlining what courses they offer. Also included will be a video interview with a student providing their experience with being a digital media apprentice in Brighton.

The Resource page will provide links to other web resources with related information which visitors would find useful.

The contact page will provide a way for visitors to contact me.


The overall style of the site will be quite clean/simple, using blue and orange as the main colour scheme. The site will feature photographs, on some pages these will act as background.  I intend to build the site using WordPress, It will also be important to make the site mobile friendly as accessing the internet from mobile devices is now more common than using a computer.

Target Audience

The target audience for the site will be young people (16-25) looking for ways into the digital media sector through education. Focusing more on the visual aspects of the site rather than text will help make the site appeal more to the audience.

 Production Constraints

The main constraint will be the time, meaning that the site will perhaps be smaller with less content than would be ideal. Another constraint is in relation to the personnel working on the project. As I will be the sole developer and content creator I will need to manage my time efficiently to ensure the project is completed on time.

 Contingency Plan

My project plan (Gantt Chart) will outline my contingency plan in detail. In essence, I will allow half the amount of time it takes to complete each phase as contingency, e.g. if the phase takes 4 days I will allocate 2 days extra as contingency. Due to the strict timescale, it is likely that if the entirety of the contingency is used that the project will exceed the timescale, meaning that I will need to be efficient in how I proceed with the phases.


I plan on testing the site half way through the project, and again prior to completion. I will test the site on two different browsers, Chrome and Safari, and at two resolutions, one suitable for laptops and one for desktops. Additionally, I will test the site on two mobile devices, a smartphone and a tablet.

Mood Board

See Above


See Above

Design Concepts


Site Map

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 10.37.26.png

Assets and Asset Lists


Risk Assessment/Health and Safety

Activity Hazard Persons who may be harmed Property which may be damaged Risk controls already in place Risk Assessment LOW, MODERATE, HIGH, EXTREME


Further action required to control risk ***
Working on computer – sitting at the table Poor posture





n/a Taking regular breaks Moderate Suitable office chair with neck and back support, adjustable height, proper desk with more space – ergonomic mouse and keyboard, adjust screen height.
Using electricity – for laptops and other equipment  

Electrocution – caused by faulty wiring


Myself, colleagues, public




Electrical equipment, whole building, even street.


Circuit breaking extension leads. Not overloading sockets. PAT testing every year.




Invest in dedicated sockets in the wall. Ensure PAT testing record is kept. Replace old equipment. Fire extinguisher for electrical fires.

Plugged in equptment Tripping Anyone in the vicinity Nearby equiptment – falling on it

Plugged I equptment

– Being pulled

 Keeping cables clear of walkways as much as possible, where not possible making people aware of the hazard Moderate


Using cable covers, rearranging office so cables do not need to trail over walkways
Using screens on computer Eye strain.





n/a Taking breaks from the screen. Using brightness controls on the laptop.  



Screen protectors/filter.


Production Schedule


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