Assignment 3 – Social Media

Social Media Platforms


Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to send “Tweets” which are messages with a 140 character limit. Tweets can contain video, links, images, polls and not just be limited to text. Users can follow other users, and by doing so Twitter will collect the tweets of all who they follow into a feed. This gives you a central place to see what people are saying. You can also create lists or people, which allows you to keep track of what people are tweeting without following them. A big feature of Twitter are #hashtags, which offer a way for people to quickly link their tweet to a larger conversation. Users can search of click on a hashtag and see all the tweets that are using it. This is a particularly useful feature for current events, allowing a fast way to see what everyone is saying. Users can also retweet other tweets, allowing them to share something with people outside the original posters followers and form new conversations.

What makes twitter so successful is the concise nature of it. The 140 character limit forces users to get their point across quickly and clearly.

What does it offer

For a user

  • Follow users
  • Create lists of users
  • Join in discussions – retweets and hashtags
  • Tweet their own opinions etc

For an organisation

  • Follow users – can follow customers, competition, related organisations etc. Often companies limit who they follow however.
  • Lists – useful to make lists of competition to keep track of what they are doing. Also lists of industry specialists are useful. Lists of customers are good, provides a way to see if they are talking about the company.
  • Hashtags – can use hashtag in branding, campaigns etc. Good way to involve customers (examples #shareacoke or #tweetsfromtheseat)
  • Customer Service – Twitter can be a way for customers to ask questions and receive a quick response

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