Assignment 4 – Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Examine the brand’s online presence from the perspective of Owned, Bought, Earned. What spaces and platforms does the brand use in each of these categories? How are the audiences moved from one of these areas to another?

For this task I will look at Innocent Smoothies.


Innocent’s main source of Owned content are their Facebook and Twitter pages. They post fairly regularly on their Facebook page, mainly sharing funny content and occasionally posting adverts, though usually in a humorous context.


They also post similar content on their twitter.


On their twitter they post much more regularly, and regularly get involved in current events that aren’t related to their product.


They also interact with followers frequently, either retweeting them or replying to tweets.



If you search for Smoothies on Google an ad for Innocent Smoothies will display.


Similarly, searching healthy drinks also returns an ad


Innocent have paid for advertising related to specific search terms to drive people to their website. From their they can access all their social media accounts.


Looking at their twitter you can see many examples of the earned content. They regularly retweet people saying good things about their product


and their own posts often gain hundreds of retweets.screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-17-40-59

These will bring people back to their Twitter Page, which links to their website.


By posting humorous content they gather a lot of followers, likes and retweets. This all bring people to their social media pages, which are all linked to their main website. They don’t have links to their Facebook page on their twitter, and vice versa, just to their website. From their website they have links to all their social media accounts. By limiting what other owned content they link to it directs visitors to their website.


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