Additional Evidence to Complete Mandatory units – L/600/9040 – Y/600/9039 – R/600/9038

Task 3: Explain What Makes a Good Presentation

R/600/9038 2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4

There are certain factors that determine whether a presentation is successful, such as whether the information is conveyed so that the audience can understand and follow it. This could be how information is displayed, for example, a complex graph mapping multiple data points may be suitable if the presenter gives these to the audience in a hand out, allowing them to study them more thoroughly. Whereas if the same graph were to be displayed on a screen during a slideshow it may be harder for the audience to fully comprehend the information being provided. Another key point determining the success of a presentation is if the audience is captivated by it, if they aren’t then it generally means that they are not taking in the information being presented. A common mistake made is when the presenter reads verbatim the content of the slides or handouts they are using in their presentation, the audience doesn’t need it read to them. A better tactic is to provide the key points or ideas and to talk around them, they serve as a reminder and to reinforce their importance.

The topic of my presentation was “Using Youtube for your Business” and was presented to a room full of members of a business networking group. I created a PowerPoint slideshow to be displayed using a projector as I spoke on the topic. By using a powerpoint it allowed me to display key facts and ideas to the audience as well as visual examples on the topic. I kept the content on the slides to a minimum, just focussing on the most useful and important bits of information. These also helped prompt me on where I was heading with my talk allowing me to keep the flow of the presentation going.

Feedback form members of the audience on the presentation were generally good. They felt that it was easy to follow and that I explained the points well, and that they had learned something. Some members wanted the presentation to go into more detail or expand on certain topics, which is something that I agree would have been beneficial, however, due to the mixed level of experience in the audience I felt that it was best to focus on the key concepts and some of the basic tasks related to the topic. Reviewing the slideshow that I created again, I feel that it would benefit from some more thought in regards to the formatting. Some of the text became too small to be easily read, due to including too much content on the slide. I should have spread the content over more slides, allowing me to use larger text and improve legibility. Additionally, some slides lacked content and featured masses of white space which is somewhat wasteful and makes it less visually appealing. However, the slideshow was an aid to the presentation and not the main aspect of it, so perhaps focussing too much on it is not necessary.

Video of my presention:

Copy of the Powerpoint:




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