L/600/9037 Awareness of Employment in the Creative Media Sector 2


Create and present a professional standard CV, with examples of own work, relevant to a specific job application


Attached is a copy of my CV and a link to my portfolio

Daniel Swanborough-Nilson CV





Describe a range of prospective employers and the profiles and products of these employers


Prospective Employers:


Helen Owen Marketing Enterprises (HOME) CIC – Marketing Company

(Current employer)


A small company focusing on providing low cost marketing solutions mainly to charities, community groups and social entrepreneurs. Offer web design, graphic design, marketing solutions (email campaigns, ad campaigns) and provide training to job seekers and clients as well as a free IT help drop-in service.


Very relaxed structure, wide range of clients. Workforce is very fluid due to the use of volunteers.


Having worked here during the course of my apprenticeship I know I have the required skills for the job. There is also the opportunity to do the sort of work I enjoy (design).


bamb – Design Agency


A small (3 person) company based in Eastbourne specialising in branding, web design and web development who love good design.


I feel like working for bamb would be great due to their passion for good design, I can see from looking through their portfolio that their work is of excellent quality and similar to what I like. From looking at their website and social accounts, they seem to be have a friendly, relaxed work environment and not to take things too seriously.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 18.38.15.png I also like their core values:

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 18.17.52.png


I think I would have the necessary skills to work with them; being proficient in Adobe CC applications, WordPress, Photography.


Self Employed – Design/Creative/Marketing


I think for a lot of creatives the dream is to work for yourself. Having the freedom to choose which projects to pursue and being able to put your own personal touch to the work is a real attraction. Of course, it would involve a lot of hard work to get going and noticed and to become sustainable. However, it can just takes one client, or one project, to be noticed and then you find yourself inundated with offers.


Realistically, I don’t possess all the skills and knowledge to make it on my own, but by bringing together a team to fill in the gaps it would be plausible. For example, my knowledge of PHP and SQL is lacking so I would need to find a web developer.





Explain how to choose an employer in terms of own personal interests, knowledge, skills and job requirements


When choosing a job, it is important for it to be one you would enjoy. Though getting the perfect job is unlikely, there is probably going to be aspects of a job that you don’t enjoy but as long as they don’t outweigh the benefits then that is good.


Your own knowledge is an important factor too. You must consider the benefits your knowledge could bring to the position, as well as how your knowledge could aid your success at the job. It is worth noting that it would be unwise to go into a job which is in a field you have no knowledge in whatsoever.


The skills you possess also influence your choice in jobs. Having specialised skills can be a real benefit to an employer and can increase your value to them. You may also have skills that won’t be utilised in the job, and whether you are happy with this is worth considering as you may lose the opportunity to practice them. This can be a particularly notable concern in the context of a Digital workplace due to the speed that technology is evolving, not using a skill for one year could mean you are completely out-dated compared to others with the skill.


It is also important to consider potential for growth in the job. If the job offers the opportunity to work across different sectors or gain additional qualifications/training it is certainly something to consider. The chance to develop in the workplace is valuable and can open up career progression.


One of the key factors when choosing a job is to examine the job requirements, as ultimately, this is what the company is looking for. There is little point applying for a position if you do not meet the requirements as they are what the company needs to be able to do the job. That’s not to say its worthless applying for a position without meeting the requirements, it may lead to something, though not necessarily the job at hand.




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